Learn How To Create Life-Changing Results For Your Clients In A Fraction Of The Time

To coaches & teachers looking for more growth & expansion in their practice...

  • Are you driven to empower your clients to change their lives through movement?
  • Do you want to craft a practice with more integrity and authenticity?
  • Are you passionate about going beyond the norm and getting to the root of the problem?
  • Do you struggle to find confidence & clarity in your practice?

Imagine what your practice could look like if you knew how to confidently help clients improve both body and mind.

You'd not only change their movement...you'd change their lives.  

You could empower them to move without pain, improve their mobility and performance, and develop a deeper understanding of themselves in the process.  You would know the principles underlying their problems and could co-create a truly powerful coaching experience for them.  You'd finally be able to make your impact.

There are three things you need to take your practice to the next level.


A holistic movement framework

Blend evidence-based & experiential practices to engage mind & body and change lives through movement.



Clarity & communication

Build a bridge to your clients and lead them farther by mastering effective communication, coaching, and cueing.



Deep inner work

Build confidence in your practice.  Develop a clear and focused vision to step into your potential as a coach.

The Soma School provides all of this in a unique educational experience.

Meet your coach and facilitator.

Hi there, my name is Chandler Stevens.  I'm a somatic coach & movement specialist.  I've learned that when you understand the mind-body connection, you expand what you're capable of as a coach, and you can help your clients achieve more than they thought possible in a fraction of the time.  

And if you effectively communicate with them in an authentic way, you help them change not only how they move, but how they live.  That multiplies the value you provide ten times over. 

That's exactly why I created The Soma School.  I've studied the living body for years, and I synthesize evidence-based practices and somatic education to help students change their lives through movement.  Over the years I've blended in what I've learned from the worlds of psychology, therapy, and deep coaching to empower them even further. 

But I'm not some ivory tower academic (actually I turned down a PhD program to pursue real-world education).  This framework was developed over the years in a full-time coaching practice...both to help my clients get better results and to solve my own nagging issues with pain, mobility, and confidence.

I'm a frequent contributor and "best of" writer for industry leaders like Breaking Muscle and Functional Movement, and I've consulted with dozens of companies--ranging from health education, to NFL teams, to forensic psychology--to help them develop more integrated training & teaching protocols.  

You'll set yourself apart & make a bigger impact through the Deep Coaching Intensive.

What makes The Soma School so different?

What if everything you've been told about the body was wrong?  The old models of "stretch and strengthen" based on cadaver studies don't equip today's coaches to work with living bodies.  What's worse...you can have deep understanding of movement and the body and still struggle with coaching and communication, the backbone of your practice.  The Soma School helps coaches simplify the mind-body system, build confidence in their practice, and create life-changing results for their clients.

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