A Candid Conversation About Pain

Pain is one of the most complex phenomena we deal with in a movement practice. When we're in pain, it completely changes the way we move, and if we don't address it effectively, it can create longterm changes to our nervous system.

It's tricky to manage, but if we zoom out and look at the big picture, we have a better chance of dealing with it.

When one of the coaches in the Deep Coaching Intensive asked about pain on our call yesterday, it led to a fascinating discussion. I wanted to share a snippet of it with you today because if you're in pain (or if you work with people in pain), it can give you a whole new look on how to overcome it.

In this candid, off-the-cuff conversation, we talk about:

-A simple diagnostic to begin identifying possible causes & solutions (0:45)
-The structure of joints and how impingements happen (2:43)
-How to deal with accumulated tension (7:42)
-The dark side of neuroplasticity in pain (15:20)
-What to do with the challenge of chronic pain (16:20)
-The role of sensory awareness in pain management (18:14)